Theatre: A dying art

Lighthouse Art Centre manager Robin Cave

Lighthouse Art Centre manager Robin Cave

FROM Michael Jackson at his prime to Jimmy Carr, the Lighthouse Arts Centre has seen its share of great performances. But Programme and Centre Manager Robin Cave believes centre is being hit by the influence by TV Talent shows.

While the Centre, based in Poole, offers a wide range of exciting productions, including some well known stars, as well as more unproven talents, viewers continue to decrease as the influence of Television gets bigger. As ticket sales at the Centre diminish, Cave (pictured) has voiced his concerns over television taking away from the quality of the theatre.

Cave said: “Programmes like “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” are obscuring the structure of Theatre, instead of talented performers with a background in performing arts, you get the winners of talent shows.

The Centre is the largest arts centre outside of London following a £9.5million development in 2001 and plays host to a range of music artists, the British Orchestra, World cinema and British productions.

The Centre prides itself on exhibiting and supporting local artists, actors and musicians, and now its attention has turned to interacting more with the community following a new five-year plan for the company.

A glimpse of the impressive centre in Poole, Dorset

A glimpse of the impressive centre in Poole, Dorset

“We are aiming to make the Centre more participatory and more interactive with people in the area. We will be making more workshops for schools to encourage children to be more interested in the arts.

As for future development to add to the range of arts they offer, Cave admits there aren’t sufficient funds to redevelop further.

“We don’t lose much money, but we don’t have enough funds to majorly develop further. The credit crunch has also had its effect on our viewing figures.”


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