kNOw idea? Students march for political future

kNOw vote - University students will stage a flash mob to raise awareness

kNOw vote – University students will stage a flash mob to raise awareness

STUDENTS will be marching the streets of Bournemouth in their masses at 4pm this Saturday in a campaign to raise political awareness for the future generation of voters.

Ten Bournemouth University students have formed the group kNOw vote, in an aim to encourage people to vote and learn about political parties and their policy. With politics unavailable until further and higher education, the majority of young people have little awareness of the electoral system and decisions being made in the running of the UK.

The group of first year Scriptwriting, Interactive Media and TV Production students are holding a “flashmob”, where a large group of volunteers will march together for two minutes in Bournemouth Square to advertise the campaign and raise awareness of their work.

Zoe Warner, “kNOw vote” TV Production Student, said: “We wanted something that would appeal to younger people and we decided that a flashmob was a fun and simple way to get the attention we need. Not only does it capture the attention of the younger generations, but hopefully it will be enough to let everyone else know that we’re about and wanting to make a difference.”

The group have already attracted the interest of the Conservative Party and are approaching local schools in the hope to introduce politics classes, and ultimately look towards it being introduced into the National Curriculum.

Richard Hobley, group member and scriptwriting student, said: “Young people learn algebra and atomic physics in school, but they are not adequately taught the basics about voting or the political system.”

Fellow group member and scriptwriter Ed Perry added: “I believe that informed voting is the cornerstone of any democracy. And right now most young people just aren’t that well informed.

“Know Vote is an impartial campaign to get young people more informed about politics and voting, through our website and through schools.”

Everyone is invited to the “kNOw vote flashmob” and for more details they can visit or their profiles on YouTubefacebook and Twitter.


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