Film Review: United 93

Certificate: 15

Cast: Meghan Heffern, Jamie Harding, Trish Gates, Omar Berdouni, J.J. Johnson, Polly Adams, David Basche

Director: Paul Greengrass
Running Time: 111 minutes

Two planes hit the World Trade Centre, one hit the Pentagon. United 93 remembers the forgotten heroes that saved the fourth flight from even more disaster.

A compelling, finely constructed re-enactment that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
ON SEPTEMBER 11th 2001, tragedy struck the United States of America when two planes crashed into the World Trade Centre and another hitting the Pentagon. United 93 tells the story of the forgotten heroes that saved a fourth plane from inflicting even more disaster.
The gripping drama follows the events behind the scenes on that tragic day, where three of the four hijacked planes caused damage that will be remembered forever by people all over the world. On the fourth plane, the United Airline 93 flight, four terrorists suspiciously board the plane before taking over the cockpit, holding passengers and air stewardesses at hostage and stabbing innocent victims as they target Washington D.C in a mass terrorist mission.
Unlike on the other three flights, the passengers fight back and do all they can to stopthe terrorists and risk their lives in order to save the country from another disaster.
The film follows the dramatic series of events uncovered in air traffic control centres in New York, Washington and Boston, as they lose contact with the four hijacked planes and the centres turn into mayhem as they do all they can to divert the terrorist attacks.
Paul Greengrass, Director of The Bourne Supremacy and Bloody Sunday, masters u the edgy and powerful story that leaves you wandering if the passengers on that flight could save the day right until the last minute. Even though the ending is a foregone conclusion, United 93 will leave you thinking…are the terrorists going to do it?!
The docudrama brings to life the sheer pandemonium behind the scenes on that dreadful day. The urgent and claustrophobic style Greengrass brings to the film, combined with the stirring images of the World Trade Centre in smoke as everyone in the air traffic control centres stand still, gives a real sense of emotion and fear behind the scenes.
It is filmed in a quick, frantic style for much of the film, which contrasts to the slow, tense build up as the Muslim terrorists’ board the flight. The film is finely edited and accompanied by excellent acting from a relatively unknown cast, with former Law and Order pair Polly Adams and David Basche, and Trish Gates, who has starred in My Name is Earl, being the most notable among the cast. United 93 was always going to be a film firmly in the spotlight. But any critics would have been silenced by an encapsulating and gripping representation of a day that will be remembered for ever.

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