How Rehab Saves a Life: Ashleigh’s Story

Ashleigh (right), owing her amazing recovery to rehab, with mother Allison

Ashleigh (right), owing her amazing recovery to rehab, with mother Allison

The impact of one road traffic accident can change a person’s life forever, and for 22-year-old Ashleigh from Salisbury, she is living a life that even some of the country’s finest doctors couldn’t have envisaged.

Nearly four years ago, Ashleigh was travelling home from work one evening and collided into a Hampshire road’s central reservation after swerving to try and miss an obstruction. She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fractured skull, severe head injury and fractured facial bones.

Doctors initially decided not to resuscitate her, but she slowly came back to life and began an incredible recovery that was indebted to intensive rehabilitation and therapy at Southampton for three months, before she continued her recovery at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, before moving back home 15 months later.

She can now walk with a stick, speak, sing, go horse riding and even volunteer at a local charity shop – all with a beaming smile on her face. Her recovery over the past four years as owed much to charities like the Headway Brain Injury Association, who fear significant cuts to their local government funding that will put many regional services in jeopardy, when the funding of councils across the UK is finalised in March.

Ashleigh and her mum Alison spoke exclusively to Jack Hyom and told him how rehab saved her life.


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